Hi, I'm Iain - a little bit of an Aeronut!

Welcome to my world!


At the age of 4 my father and I were at the end of the runway at RAF Coltishall and witnessed a four ship

departure of four silver Lightnings - they barrelled down the runway towards us - and then went straight into

the vertical! To say that left an impression on this young lad would be an understatement. From that day forth

I was to spend my time gazing skyward - wanting to taste the freedom and ecitement of flight. That summer my

uncle from Australia bought me an Airfix model of a Hurricane - if I couldn't fly yet - I could build models of

aeroplanes - and a life-long passion for aviation modelling was born.


Age 16 - I'm talking to the RAF about becoming aircrew - to be dashed in my dreams because of eyesight (one

excellent eye, one poor) - not only that - but I'm told I'll never be able to get a medical for commercial flying, or

even a Private Pilot's Licence. This aeronut is destined to view the wide blue yonder from afar - and just dream...


Then, 8 years ago, friends introduced me to this wonderful new UK Licence with less stringent eyesight requirements and I was able to get a Private Pilot's Licence - not only could I fly as a Pilot in Command of an aeroplane - a boyhood dream that had seemed impossible - but I was also introduced to a whole new world of flying peeps, who's generosity and wish to share the love of flying has taken me to experiences and opportunities that I still have to pinch myself to believe.


So, I've decided to set up my own piece of Internet real estate - in the hope that I can earn a little from my passion and, hopefully, pay for a little more aviating, as well as the mortgage!


A huge thank you to all my flying buddies for their support, encouragement and some excellent adventures, and RAF Halton Aero Club - a magical place to learn to fly!