Taking photos - inherited I'm afraid...

I blame my father for this. Richard Burnaby Ogilvie. He loved photography with an infectious passion and that

obviously rubbed off on me - from a very early age.


Wherever I go I carry at least one camera - I'm sure much to the annoyance of my friends!


Having a Private Pilot's Licence - and some good flying friends - I'm in the very fortunate position

of having had an increasing number of 'interesting' opportunities for aviation photography over the last few

years and I thought it might be time to pull these together and offer them out to aircraft owners, operators

and publishers.


All photos on this site are Copyright and I'd ask you to respect this under the following:


Non-Commercial use: please feel free to use online with the following caveats:


  • The image must not be altered in any way, the 'Aeronut' logo must be visible and intact and the photo credited to the Aeronut. Links back to this site, or one of our Social Media feeds, are always appreciated! 

  • In most cases, larger resolution images may be available and we can arrange for prints. Please contact me.


Commercial use:


  • If you wish to use any images here for Commercial purposes then please contact me with details of image/images you wish to use and for what purpose. Permissions will not be unreasonably withheld but we reserve the right to charge reasonable fees where applicable. We have to eat!  :)