Bespoke drawings of your aeroplane!

Having studied geometrical and technical drawing to A-Level standard whilst at school I've

always enjoyed drawing things. With the development of Computer Aided Design packages and graphics

programs I found I was able to combine some traditional skills with new technology. That was 28 years ago!


In the mid 90's Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine lost one of its stalwarts with the death of illustrator

Mike Keep. His aircraft profiles were traditionally drawn in black and white with sheets of 'Letratone' used to

illustrate colour differences. A conversation with the magazine was the catalyst to a 'hang on a moment'

light-bulb moment and I was in the Aircraft Illustration business - using CorelDraw to produce profile

illustrations every other month.


Roll on another 20 years and it dawned on me that, with modern printing technologies, it would be

possible to offer a service to owners, operators and pilot's of General Aviation types where we could create

bespoke artwork of their aircraft, printed on archival quality paper, at very reasonable cost.


If you would like a quote for your aeroplane please drop me a line with a few photographs and your print requirements - size and number of prints - and I'd be delighted to provide a very competitive quotation.